Bin Wang (王斌)

I am now a second-year Ph.D. student at Northwestern University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, supervised by Prof. Ulas Bagci. I got my B.Eng degree in computer science from ShanghaiTech University in 2022, working with Prof. Dinggang Shen.

My research interests include Human-centered AI, Eye Tracking, Text-guided Image Generation, Foundational Model, Prompt Learning, and Medical Image Analysis.


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* Equal contribution

Domain Generalization with Fourier Transform and Soft Thresholding
Hongyi Pan, Bin Wang, Zheyuan Zhang, Xin Zhu, Debesh Jha, Ahmet Enis Cetin, Concetto Spampinato, Ulas Bagci.

GazeGNN: A Gaze-Guided Graph Neural Network for Chest X-ray Classification
Bin Wang*, Hongyi Pan*, Armstrong Aboah, Zheyuan Zhang, Elif Keles, Drew Torigian, Baris Turkbey, Elizabeth Krupinski, Jayaram Udupa, Ulas Bagci.
WACV 2024 [Early Accept]
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Domain generalization with correlated style uncertainty
Zheyuan Zhang, Bin Wang, Debesh Jha, Ugur Demir, Ulas Bagci.
WACV 2024 [Early Accept]

Beam-wise dose composition learning for head and neck cancer dose prediction in radiotherapy
Lin Teng*, Bin Wang*, Xuanang Xu*, Jiadong Zhang, Lanzhuju Mei, Qianjin Feng, Dinggang Shen.
Medical Image Analysis 2024
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EMIT-Diff: Enhancing Medical Image Segmentation via Text-Guided Diffusion Model
Zheyuan Zhang, Lanhong Yao, Bin Wang, Debesh Jha, Elif Keles, Alpay Medetalibeyoglu, Ulas Bagci.

GazeSAM: Interactive Image Segmentation with Eye Gaze and Segment Anything Model
Bin Wang, Armstrong Aboah, Zheyuan Zhang, Ulas Bagci.
NeurIPS Workshop 2023
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Real-time multi-class helmet violation detection using few-shot data sampling technique and yolov8
Armstrong Aboah, Bin Wang, Ulas Bagci, Yaw Adu-Gyamfi.
CVPR Workshop 2023
7th place in 2023 AI City Challenge

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Deep learning-based Head and Neck Radiotherapy Planning Dose Prediction via Beam-wise Dose Decomposition
Bin Wang*, Lin Teng*, Lanzhuju Mei, Zhiming Cui, Xuanang Xu, Qianjin Feng, Dinggang Shen.
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Globally Convergent Algorithms For Learning Multivariate Generalized Gaussian Distributions
Bin Wang, Huanyu Zhang, Ziping Zhao, Ying Sun.
SSP 2021
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